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 HAW_table ()
 add_row ($row)
 set_voice_text ($text, $audio_src="")

Detailed Description

This class allows to insert tables into a HAW_deck or HAW_form object.

Note: Not all WAP clients are able to display tables properly! HDML is not supporting tables at all. For HDML users the table's content will be generated column-by-column, respectively row-by-row, where each table cell will result in one separate line on the display.


$myTable = new HAW_table();
$row1 = new HAW_row();
$row2 = new HAW_row();

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Member Function Documentation

HAW_table::HAW_table (  ) 


HAW_table::add_row ( row  ) 

Adds a HAW_row object to HAW_table.

row Some HAW_row object.

HAW_table::set_voice_text ( text,
audio_src = "" 

Sets text to be spoken by voice browsers.
Note: Tables should be avoided whenever voice users are targeted. Anyway, the HAWHAW API allows to assign voice output to HAW_table objects in order to say some introducing words before the table content is spoken.

text Some helpful text.
audio_src Some audio file (e.g. *.wav file) to play (optional).

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